With a GO code location code system, you can search a database for an address and its matching GO Code. You can email, speak, write or text your GO Code to someone else and they'll instantly be able to map exactly where you are.

Download our free GO Code iPhone app to see how it works. They work on Tom Tom satnavs too.

So what is a GO Code?
GO Code is a multi-character code which identifies any location within a given territory anywhere in the world, up to an accuracy of 4 sq.m. approx. The more characters you have, the more accurate it will be. For example, the GO Code for our offices in Dublin, Ireland is L6G 56LP which brings you to the front door of our building. In India, our GO Codes (9-character) are being used to identify individual slum dwellings in the city of Kolkata.

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Display Your GO Code

If you know a GO Code, you can display it on a Google-map here. You can also plot multiple codes on the one map, or view Google overhead satellite maps of the code.




» Click this link to show it on a map.

Route Planning

If you know the code for where you are now, and the code for where you want to go, you can get directions and a route map right here.





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Next Developments

GO Codes now work on the web, on mobile phones, and with SatNav software. They're all available free for trial.

Our next step is to link GO Codes with other websites that provide local information so that you can find GO Codes in lots of places.

We welcome your comments so tell us what you like, or don’t like, or what’s missing from our website or in the Go Code application here.


Location Codes cost nothing
Absolutely nothing! You can get and use your own GO Code for free.